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Esoteric Sensationalism is BACK: The original domain name of this site has been reclaimed!

Some years back, I allowed my registration of the domain name "" to lapse and some person or automated bot snapped it up to garner whatever small amount of notoriety it had achieved to make money by running advertisements (which had no relation at all to the original content of the site). "So what?" - You say? well here is the story of my first forays into website building back in the final years of the previous millenium:

What is "Esoteric Sensationalism"? The first domain name I ever registered back in 1997 was "". In those long-gone foggy pre-millenial days of the "World Wide Web", I did not think of The Internet as a marketing tool, and wanted a domain name that was intentionally obscure, hard to understand and hard to type! The 1990s seems like a lifetime ago now, and my thinking has evolved (or possibly devolved)... So for the many other websites I have built over the years, I selected domain names that were short, meaningful and succinct as opposed to long-winded and ambiguous! Now however, out of a sense of nostalgia or just plain stubbornness, the new launch of this site will once again require much frustrating typing in the address bar of web browsers... and given that the content is formatted in the most mobile-unfriendly way possible, it will be pointless tapping the tiny virtual keys to view it on "smartphones"!
August 2017: New Ambient Dub Video: "Reflexions 2017"

Sensationalism founder C.P.Bryan approaches video composition in much the same way as creative writing: the typical project involves mixing and blending layers of footage to achieve something beyond a regular linear narrative. The latest video release is combined with ambient dub music by composer Stephen Graf, who uses a similar approach by mixing field recordings with minimal programmed music patterns. The result is over four minutes of diffuse, non-invasive multimedia therapy which may help extract some of the psychological poisons which have been installed (in abundance) in the viewer's minds through overexposure to modern commercial television programming...

The background music in this video's soundtrack can be licensed and downloaded from the author's royalty free music service:
The "Esoteric Sensationalism" VISION STATEMENT:

Esoteric Sensationalism is dedicated to the exploration of random processes and experimentation in creative writing and music composition. Randomness has long been identified as a source of inspiration - not only for authors of fiction, poetry, music and visual art, but also for businesspeople, scientists or creative thinkers of any type. Techniques such as "cut-up", "collage", "cut 'n' mix" and "mashup" are all based on a process of recombining previously unrelated words, sounds or images. In business, this process is often referred to as "lateral thinking" - a way to derail the train of thought from it's linear, predictable route into more uncharted, creative territories. The theory section of this site explores the rationale behind the uses of randomness and other forms of experimentation for the purpose of creative inspiration.

Related sites and online resources:
Esoteric Sensationalism spawned a number of offshoot domains over the years. Now some of the defunct, languishing or abandoned sites are being brought back under the E.S. banner: The first three are focussed on the mainstay of E.S: "experimental writing":
  • (Mash)Mashup - mixing different content sources to produce an original piece of writing
  • ROBOPOEM - the algorithms and associated Windows application used to generate randon poetry
  • BOT.ROBOPOEM - this site was originally the launch page of an online demo of the random poetry algorithm, but now simply delves deeper into the purpose and function of computer poetry
  • MYRANSOMNOTE - A site devoted to the art of making ransom note art

Cut'n'Mix (With ROBOPOEM), Wizzypage, ROBOCOLLAGE

These Windows applications previously published as shareware through the affiliated sites mentioned above have now been re-released and are available for free download from:

The Internet Annex Downloads Page

Online Fiction, Poetry, Music and Interactive Wordplay

free soundtrack music site logo

FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC additions, July 2017:

July 17: Five new tracks from Toronto soundtrack composer Rick Dickert, including the somewhat wacky and whimsical "Latin Uke Combo".

July 13: Joerg Schnitzler has just finished recording a new action-epic-adventure soundtrack composition with a sweeping cinematic orchestral feel entitled "At Night I Still Recall The Battle"...

June 2017:

June 29: From Germany, composer Joerg Schnitzler offers a range of new tracks in the classic cinematic orchestral style. From the ominous (but somewhat whimsical) "Army Of The Reptile Gods" to the powerful epic "Montana Trek", there is plenty of good soundtrack material for a wide range of dramatic video production uses. You can preview and download this new music from Joerg's Music Listing Page @ Free Soundtrack Music.

June 21: Roman composer / producer Francis V has posted 5 new compositions with styles ranging from "emotionally dramatic" to "contemplative and passionate". Check out the full listing at the Francis V production music listing page.

June 11: Russian guitar virtuoso Ilya Truhanov has added 2 new music soundtracks which should work well in the background of videos with Should work well in the soundtrack of video productions with romantic, reflective and meditative themes... Audition Ilya Truhanov Music Here.

May 2017:

May 31: Rick Dickert has posted 5 new tracks with different musical styles including the reaggae-flavoured "Dom Reggae" and "Carribean Christmas", plus the country / jazz track "Cottonwood". His new compositions can be previed and downloaded from his track listing page here: Rick Dickert Production Music Listings.

May 24: Enrico Altavilla's newest track "Carmen & Lisa" is a very warm and emotional composition featuring piano with minimal instrumental accompaniment and a lush atmospheric ambience... Preview it here.

April 2017:

April 19: Two new Electronic-Jazz-Funk tracks by Stargazer Jazz have just been released on the freesoundtrackmusic royalty free music site: "The Little Prometheus" and "Bleak House of Funk" are a continuation on the themes of experimental jazz and mashup of musical styles begun with the release of the trio's self-titled album in late 2015. To listen to previews and/or license the tracks for video production use, check out the Stargazer Jazz Music Listing Page.

Welcome to the New World of Counter-Actuality!

In the days following January 20, 2017 the world finds itself learning to live in a new realm of "alternate truth", where the key to establishing the dominant reality is found in the formula mastered Donald Trump: Merely assert something is the case, then repeat it ad-nauseum despite all evidence to the contrary. It is a "Brave New World" (or more likely a new "1984" - as there are very many obvious similarities between the propaganda methods used in the dominant ruling class described in that novel and the methods employed by the new Trump administration). It is in this historical context that I am in the process re-releasing some material from the late nineties: originally packaged under the artist name "Protoflake", this cut-up audio collage music was meant to be a kind of antidote to control systems. Here is the initial tracks listing and preview clips.

Cover Art From Audio Collage Album by C.P.Bryan
Cover art from the Protoflake "Morphing Nothing" album,
originally released on MP3.COM in 1999

Worth another Look and Listen: I just rewatched this video which was filmed and edited by John Bannister (who also plays trumpet on the track serving as the background music). I think it really comes together nicely...

This space is mostly comprised of air...

experimental collage computer artwork

That space is mostly full of water...

And here is a new tune from Sensationalism founder C.P.Bryan: Something written and recorded specifically for the summer of 2017 entitled "I Dream of Summer":

THE "FRANCHISING YOUR DREAMS" TRILOGY: producer C.P.Bryan presents a new trilogy of short films exploring topics now familiar to Esoteric Sensationalism site visitors: propaganda, alienation, the domination of capital markets over natural systems, abstract expressionism, random collage and experimentation with media as an antidote to unsolicited programming of the human biocomputer. To watch the film series and find out more details about it's theoretical underpinnings, check out the
"Franchising Your Dreams" Launch Page.

Stills from "Franchising Your Dreams":

March 2014: Apple Quicktime versions of these short films are now available for free download from the digital media library @
Automatic Collages of Images and Words: The ROBOCOLLAGE application from Sensationalism creator C.P.Bryan:

For more information on this application, including how to download the installer, go to ROBOCOLLAGE @ CUTNMIX.COM.

Example Output from The ROBOCOLLAGE Collage Generator:
Example Artwork from ROBOCOLLAGE, Image #1
Postmodern Radiation
Example Artwork from ROBOCOLLAGE, Image #2
Robocollage Automata
More Interactive Tools for Your Edification and Amusement...
Esoteric Sensationalism has assembled a collection of unique online and downloadable applications. The common theme here is "Language Arts" and how computer programming can add new dimensions of interactivity to reading, writing and understanding texts and poetry. For online "magnetic poetry" try the virtual paper and scissors style Cut-up Laboratory. To write prose and poetry to astound, confuse and impress the groundlings, try Shakespeare's Brain. To read experimental and cut-up texts submitted by Cut 'n' Mix users, check out the texts page @ Read Esoteric Sensationalism's: How To Be A Postmodern Writer. For links to related tools and information about experimental writing, check out the links page @ Address all comments and enquiries about Esoteric Sensationalism or Cut'n'Mix to A Cut-up Life: An embarassingly intimate recounting of the dismal lives of deluded counterculture wannabes as they consume 50 pounds of potatoes and churn out increasingly eccentric and fanciful cut-up rants on a communal electric typewriter.

Recommended Viewing: Flicker - The Dream machine and the revolution in human consciousness
Check out the legendary story of The Dream Machine: an antidote to TV culture which provides a "portal into the time/space continuum". Nik Sheehan's film Flicker is an essential, informative documentary introducing the writer/poet/artist Brion Gysin through interviews with artists, writers and musicians who have been inspired by his work and ideas.